Meat Filler -Red Helmet $17.00/hr-$22.00/hr

Vallarta Supermarkets (GMC)

Date: 1 day ago
City: Escondido, CA
Salary: $17 - $22 / hour
Contract type: Full time
Vallarta Supermarkets (GMC)
California Minimum Wage is $15.50/hr effective 1/1/2023

Some Cities have higher Minimum Wages (LA City currently is $16.04/hr)

Job Duties:

  • Greet all customers in a friendly manner.

  • Check temperatures frequently in the meat cases and make sure they are at proper levels.

  • Assist customers with meat purchases.

  • Place meat orders on weigh scale and print out the correct pricing for the purchase.

  • Thank customers for their patronage.

  • Maintain a clean workstation.

  • For employee purchases, must place meat purchase in clear plastic bags, do not wrap meat in paper.

  • And all other assigned job duties.


Essential Job Duties:

  • Arrange meat products within display cases up to Vallarta Supermarkets standards

  • Provide special cuts for Customers upon request

  • Safe use of all equipment that is authorized for use (slicers, graselli, knives, wrapper, etc.)

  • Lift boxes and product ranging between 20 lbs up to 60 lbs

  • Place boxes/product onto dolly or cart

  • Push/pull between 30 lbs up to 200 lbs (items on cart/dolly)

  • Bend/Stoop pick up and or place product below waist level (including shelves and racks)

  • Place product onto bins and position for sale

  • Grasp/Grip product to prepare for sales floor by either cutting or cleaning product

  • Constant sweeping/pushing broom to pick up debris to keep work area clean

  • Place and remove product from Meat cooler (including shelving and produce bins)

  • Reaching above shoulder level (Meat placement on sales floor plus shelving/rack system in Meat warehouse areas)

  • Place debris/trash/recycle cardboard in respective areas

  • Will clean and maintain meat tables and bins

Non-essential Job Duties:

  • Climb ladders to retrieve product on top shelf/meat cooler

Job Requirements:

  • Must obey all State and Federal guidelines regarding meat processing and safety policies.

  • Must wear latex gloves when serving customers.

  • Must wear safety glove when cleaning the meat-slicer machine.

  • Wear proper headwear: hat, hairnet, etc.

  • Wash hands frequently with hot water from elbows down for not less than 20 seconds.

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