Ancient Scripture Professorial CFS Track, may be filled with Visitor

Brigham Young University

Date: 2 days ago
City: Provo, UT
Contract type: Full time
Brigham Young University

Job Classification: CFS-Professorial

Posting close date: 02/06/2023

Start date of this position: 07/01/2023

Required Degree
: PhD in Hebrew Bible, New Testament, ANES, or closely related field from an accredited university. Candidates who are ABD may be considered but must have PhD in hand by the time employment begins, or the contract may be terminated. The required degree must be completed by the start date.

Candidates must demonstrate unusual potential for excellent teaching of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, in particular courses on the Book of Mormon and the Bible, to undergraduate students at BYU. This will often, but not always, be demonstrated by teaching experience in religious education in the Church Educational System (CES). (See description in paragraph three of Duties/Expectations below). Additionally, only applicants whose graduate classes (Master and/or PhD) include courses related to the history of the Ancient Near East and/or the Mediterranean regions during biblical and early Christian time frames will be considered.

BYU Department of Ancient Scripture is dedicated to furthering the Aims of Brigham Young University, which is to provide students with an education that is spiritually strengthening, intellectually enlarging, character building, and leads to lifelong learning and service. BYU Department of Ancient Scripture seeks to hire individuals who have demonstrated the ability to provide this type of education through the highest quality teaching, citizenship, and scholarship. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply.

Candidates must be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in good standing. Candidates must have the personal character, faith, testimony, and qualities of life that are a powerful role model for our students. Candidates must also be sound doctrinally.

Candidates must be familiar with, support, and strive to fulfill the principles and direction contained in the document "Strengthening Religious Education in Institutions of Higher Education" ( As stated in the SRE document, "The purpose of religious education is to teach the restored gospel of Jesus Christ from the scriptures and modern prophets in a way that helps each student develop faith in and a testimony of Heavenly Father..., the Savior, Jesus Christ,...and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, ...become lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ,...and strengthen their ability to find whatever challenges they may face."

This position will be funded by the Jerusalem Center in order to help maintain a sufficient pool of faculty in the Department of Ancient Scripture, allowing the department to provide an Ancient Near Eastern history teacher for the Jerusalem Center on a regular basis. Candidates should apply with the understanding that if hired they will enter this pool of faculty and will likely be invited to teach at the Jerusalem Center as the Ancient Near East instructor at various times in their career. Although this position will be funded by the Jerusalem Center, faculty salary and benefits will function as with other faculty members in the Department of Ancient Scripture. There will be no contractual obligation on the part of the Jerusalem Center, the Department of Ancient Scripture, or the faculty member to be invited to teacher to the Jerusalem Center or to accept such an invitation. Such an invitation would not be extended unless and until after the faculty member has received Continuing Faculty Status (sometime after approximately six year of employment).

Teaching: Typically, full-time faculty must teach four sections (two credits each) of classes offered by the Department of Ancient Scripture each fall and winter semester. Normally, this fall/winter teaching load will consist of two different class preps (e.g., two sections of Book of Mormon and two sections of New Testament). Candidates must also teach two sections (2 credits each) of classes offered by the Department of Ancient Scripture either spring or summer term (normally consisting of one class prep). Each of these classes will normally contain between thirty and seventy students. Funds will be provided to hire a students assistant to help with grading, if desired. If invited and approved to teach at the Jerusalem Center at some point after receiving Continuing Faculty Status, faculty duties would also include teaching an Ancient Near Eastern history course and living at the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies for a twelve-month assignment.

Citizenship: Full-time faculty must be good citizens in the Department of Ancient Scripture as well as on the college level (BYU Religious Education) and the university level. This includes attending department, college, and university faculty meetings as well as fulfilling committee obligations and other ad-hoc assignments.

Scholarship: Professorial faculty are required to publish quality peer-reviewed scholarship, which must include gospel scholarship of high quality directed primarily to Latter-day Saints. Additionally, those professors with relevant interest and expertise are encouraged to publish academic research of high quality directed primarily to non-Latter-day Saint audiences in academic publishing venues and/or pedagogical scholarship aimed at improving teaching and learning. Professorial faculty are required to publish one peer-reviewed article/chapter per year. Funds are available for travel to conferences in which the faculty member is participating (i.e., giving a presentation, moderating a session, or participating in another way).

Information required at the time of application:
Please list the individual contact information for each of your three recommenders on the faculty application. Do not request recommenders to send letters. At some point during the selection process, they may be contacted to submit their letters of reference electronically.

Document(s) required at the time of application:
Please attach your letter of intent, updated curriculum vitae, mission alignment statement (full time faculty only), and other items listed below to the faculty application.

Letter of Intent (no more than three pages). Address this letter to the Department of Ancient Scripture chair Shon Hopkin. This letter should concisely state: (1) Why you want to work for the BYU Department of Ancient Scripture and your qualification (i.e., education, teaching, and scholarship, other relevant experience, etc.) for doing so. (2) Your philosophies on citizenship, teaching, and scholarship in light of how each of these duties is outlined in the SRE document ( (3) A diversity statement in which you articulate your views related to belonging and inclusion and how your plans (i.e., concreted pedagogical practices) to create an inclusive learning environment will help to accomplish the purposes of Religious Education as expressed in the SRE document. For further information on BYU's efforts and approach in this area, see the announcement and description of BYU's Office of Belonging at

Current CV. This should include contract information as well as sections on education (degrees earned, universities attended, majors, etc.), teaching experience (courses taught or co-taught [if co-taught, specify your role], dates, universities/seminaries/institutes, etc.), publications, presentations of your scholarship, and other relevant experience. In the section on education, please provide a highlighted list of graduate courses on Ancient Near Eastern history and/or the history of the Mediterranean region during biblical and early Christian time frames. For publications, please give complete and accurate bibliographic information and clearly indicate which are "in process," which means they are, for example, officially submitted to a venue for consideration and are currently under review, or they are forthcoming because they have been accepted for publication, but they are not actually published yet. Please annotate each entry in this section and explain its status.

Mission Alignment Statement: BYU is committed to hiring faculty members who enthusiastically embrace and energetically advance its unique mission. To this end, please include a one-page mission alignment statement as part of your application that addresses how you might, as a BYU faculty member: (1) live a life of loyalty to Jesus Christ and His restored Church and align yourself with doctrines and teachings declared by living prophets, seers, and revelators; (2) demonstrate intentionality in building faith in Jesus Christ and testimony of His restored gospel among students and others in the BYU community; and (3) teach your subject matter with the Spirit of God and strive to keep it “bathed in the light and color of the restored gospel” (Spencer W. Kimball).

Applicants who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints include a one-page mission alignment statement that describes understanding of and commitment to the Mission of Brigham Young University and the AIMS of a BYU Education (

Five-year publication plan. This should be a realistic and annotated list of specific research projects (articles, chapters, books you are currently or will be working on in both areas of gospel scholarship and, where applicable, scholarship for the academy), how much you have already completed on each project, name of venue or publisher you will submit each project to, and when you expect to complete each project and submit it for publication, etc. We understand that plans will be adjusted over time, but this is a chance to show us your current realistic plan for each of the next five year.

Two sample of your best scholarship.

Additional material to be submitted separately
to the search committee chair Nick Frederick ([email protected]) in order to be placed in a private BYU Box folder which is only available to Ancient Scripture full-time faculty:

1) Required: A recent video of your best college-level teaching of Ancient Scripture content (Bible or
Book of Mormon). Either send link to YouTube video or send actual mp4 file.) Whenever possible,
this video should be of you teaching a class of college-aged students in person.

2) Optional but recommended: Electronic copies of each of your publications not submitted with the
application. (If you have published a book, then send an electronic copy of one chapter or


Equal Opportunity Employer: m/f/Vets/Disability

Brigham Young University is an equal opportunity employer. All faculty are required to abide by the university’s Honor Code and Dress & Grooming Standards. Preference is given to qualified candidates who are members in good standing of the affiliated church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

All new employees who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be required to hold and be worthy to hold a current temple recommend.

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