Tester 1

CPS Energy

Date: Nov 25, 2022
City: San Antonio, TX
Contract type: Full time
CPS Energy

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Pay Grade

GRADE: 11, 12, 14*
*Qualifications may warrant placement in a different job level*
DEADLINE TO APPLY: November 25, 2022

Position Summary

Tester position performs a variety of High and Low Voltage quality assurance and diagnostic tests on Generation, Transmission, and Distribution class equipment. This equipment includes, HV (High Voltage) and EHV (Extra High Voltage) Generation Step-up Transformers, EHV Auto Transformers, HV Power Transformers, and various MV (Medium Voltage) Distribution Class Transformers; MV Air Magnetic, Vacuum, and SF6 Breakers; HV Vacuum, Oil, and Sf6 Breakers; and EHV Sf6 Breakers; MV, HV, and EHV Potential and Current Transformers; MV and HV Underground Distribution Cable and Bus work; Arial Bucket Truck and protective liner insulation integrity testing. Individual will Commission equipment for service, where as a determination that equipment is safe and ready to be energized based upon IEEE, ANSI, manufacture and CPS specifications. Individual also assumes responsibility for various electronic equipment including: Distribution Class automatic transfer switches installation and commissioning, Substation DC power supply system maintenance and commissioning, equipment protection devices and various field grade test equipment. This position is a NERC sensitive position and will have NERC mandated responsibilities under PRC-005. Individual performs call-duty on a rotational basis to respond to abnormal equipment conditions and outage situations.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Performs on-line and off-line quality assurance and diagnostic analysis of EHV, HV, and MV power equipment utilizing the following equipment and test procedures.

  • Insulation Power Factor Testing

  • Excitation Current Testing

  • Leakage Reactance Testing

  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis

  • Transformer Turns-Ratio Testing

  • Insulation Resistance Testing

  • Circuit Breaker First Trip Analysis

  • Contact Resistance Testing

  • Digital Circuit Breaker Timing

  • Partial Discharge Testing

  • Vibration Analysis Equipment

  • Infrared Thermography

  • Gas Chromatography (DGA)

  • AC/DC-Hipot Testing

  • Performs switching operations to obtain electrical equipment clearances utilizing LOTO procedures on Substation, Distribution and Generation equipment up to 345KV. Operates high voltage switches, circuit breakers, motorized disconnects, and aerial buckets; installs Personal Protective Grounds up to 4/0 in size. All this will be done utilizing the proper PPE to include Class 3 and 0 Rubber Gloves, Rubber Blankets, Arc Flash Switching suits, Various Hot Sticks and High Voltage Indicating Meters

  • Ability to read complex AC/DC schematics and One-Line diagrams to wire and troubleshoot Substation Assets

  • Acceptance/Commissioning/Maintenance of electronic equipment, substation battery chargers, equipment protection devices, and various on-line diagnostic equipment.

  • Performs Federally Mandated(NERC) equipment Inspections according to NERC PRC-005 standards and documents results

  • Conducts routine inspections/tests on Substation Assets and report’s findings/recommendations to optimize Substation Maintenance O&M budgets through a Condition Based Maintenance Program.

  • Designs and implements techniques for the development and testing of substation assets and electronic equipment

  • Ability to design, wire, install and troubleshoot electrical control circuits

  • Performs call-duty on a rotational basis to determine equipment condition during outages and to respond to abnormal system conditions

  • Perform all tasks in inclement weather and around high voltage environments.

  • Communicates and interacts effectively with other CPS departments and customers

  • Ability to write and verbally communicate technical data to field personnel so that equipment deficiencies can be corrected

  • Documents all analyses performed on insulation, mechanical and electronic equipment evaluation tests.

  • Troubleshooting Skills to determine abnormal operating conditions of Transmission and Distribution Equipment.

  • Troubleshoot/Modify electrical equipment, parts, assemblies, and systems to correct functional deviations.

  • Working knowledge of Electromechanical/Micro-processor controlled system protection relay schemes and their effect on the electrical system.

  • Work with PC based maintenance management systems, computer based testing programs and equipment, and the use of laptops for infield inspection and maintenance.

  • Respond to trouble calls in the CPS Energy system to determine the serviceability of equipment during outages.

  • Ability to identify colors

  • Performs other duties as assigned

  • Successful completion of formal College courses and job specific training during off-duty hours is required to remain in, and advance, within the Program.

Minimum Skills

Minimum Knowledge and Abilities

Effective oral and written communication skills

Possess a valid driver’s license with a history of a safe driving record in accordance with CPSE policies, procedures, safety standards, and applicable laws and regulations

Ability to work overtime, including weekends and call duty

Ability to perform technical mathematical functions

Ability to physically carry/move /lift test equipment (up to 55 pounds) in a field environment

Ability to read, write, and understand technical instructions

Ability to climb ladders and work in high elevations

Ability to work with insulating mineral oil, silicone insulating fluid, SF6 (Sulfur Hexafluoride) insulating gas, and nitrogen gas

Ability to work with energized circuitry and in close proximity of energized high voltage substations, switch yards, and power plants

Ability to meet goals and objectives with minimal direct supervision

Ability to distinguish colors to identify electronics components and wiring

Ability to initiate work activities and research technical data

Basic skills in Microsoft Office Package, including word processing, spreadsheets, database, presentation software, internet, electronic mail and scheduling

Preferred Qualifications

  • Previous experience in Electrical Substation or Industrial Electrical Trades.

  • Intermediate College Algebra and /or College Algebra with a passing grade.

  • Associates of Science or Bachelor of Science College Education or associated College Credit hours in a Science or Technical Field.

  • Working knowledge of CPS procedures and clearance systems, LOTO procedures.

  • Knowledge of CPS service areas to include substations, power plants, transmission and distribution systems.

  • Knowledge of CPS substation electrical drawings and manufacturer's equipment drawings and schematics.

  • Possesses a valid Commercial Driver’s License.


Prioritizing and Organizing Work

Managing Time

Driving Projects to Completion

Navigating Organizations

Coordinating Project Activities

Developing Plans

Minimum Education

High School Diploma or GED

Required Certifications

Working Environment

Work is performed indoors & outdoors. Manual dexterity, talking, hearing, and repetitive motion. Use of computing equipment, telephone, & printer/copier. Ability to travel to and from business related events. After hours work may be required

Physical Demands

Indoor/Outdoor Environment

CPS Energy does not discriminate against applicants or employees. CPS Energy is committed to providing equal opportunity in all of its employment practices, including selection, hiring, promotion, transfers and compensation, to all qualified applicants and employees without regard to race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship status, veteran status, pregnancy, age, disability, genetic information or any other protected status. CPS Energy will comply with all laws and regulations.

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