Audiologist (Tucson, AZ)

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Date: Sep 23, 2022
City: Tucson, AZ
Contract type: Full time
Starkey HearCare
Description :

General Summary of the Purpose of the Position

The Clinical Audiologist is responsible for providing a quality Patient Journey Experience. Responsibilities include testing and diagnosis of hearing loss, tinnitus, balance disorders, fitting and sales of hearing products and accessories, counseling and follow up services for adult and pediatric patients. The Clinical Audiologist is also responsible for maintaining a successful and profitable office.
Approach and Deployment (What to Do & How to Do It)
1. Ensure Patient Journey Experience is top priority.
1.1 Ensure patient is comfortable and be attentive to their requests and concerns.
2. Conduct patient diagnostics.
2.1 Conduct diagnostics which may include; audiometry, immittance testing, tinnitus evaluations, otoacoustic emissions testing and vestibular evaluations.
2.2 Explain the hearing testing process each step of the way.
2.3 Administer hearing test procedures in accordance with All American clinical protocol and applicable state and federal laws.
2.4 Analyze and interpret test results
i. Review test results.
ii. Recommend best solutions for their loss
2.5 Refer to Physicians or other professionals as needed.
3. Conduct fitting of hearing aids and accessories.
3.1 Consult with other Audiologists, Training staff, TeleHear Staff or Manufacturers Representative on difficult fittings.
4. 5. Conduct sales of hearing aids and accessories according to All American Hearing sales protocol.
4.1 During initial evaluation, perform trial fitting with premium technology hearing instruments.
4.2 Recommend appropriate style, and level of technology of hearing instruments and accessories
4.3 Quote price from established price list, less any advertised discount.
4.4 Counsel patients regarding payment and finance options.
4.5 Explain warranty for repair and loss & damage.
4.6 Obtain patient signature on contract at time of sale.
4.7 Collect a minimum of 50% deposit at time of sale
4.8 At fitting, verify fit and performance of aids.
4.9 Ensure that aids fit with no feedback.
4.10 Demonstrate and counsel use and care of hearing instruments.
4.11 Explain follow up and clean & check process.
4.12 Have patient sign for delivery of aids.
4.13 Set up follow up appointment for 1 week.
4.14 Write and enter SOAP notes in patient management software.
4.15 Follow up with PSC for other patient management software entries.
4.16 Call patient within 48 hours to check on progress & comfort.
4.17 Schedule appt. /ASAP if experiencing any difficulties.
5. Cover other offices as needed (vacation, sick time, etc.)
6. Office Management
6.1 Oversee financial management of office.
6.2 Oversee new and retention marketing efforts for office, in coordination with National Marketing staff.
6.3 Maintain clinical equipment, tools and supplies.
6.4 Maintain office appearance in conjunction with the Patient Services Coordinator.
7. Oversees Regulatory Compliance
7.1 Oversee compliance with OSHA Infection Control regulations.
7.2 Oversee compliance with HIPAA regulations.
7.3 Oversee compliance with state and local business licensing regulations
7.4 Obtains necessary continuing education to renew Audiology/Dispensing license annually
7.5 Maintains insurance credentialing

Results - Performance Measures (How to Measure Success)
  • Attendance at meetings (Travel required)
  • Putting together a calendar for each location
  • An assessment of clinical skills
  • Providing timely data for insurance billing
  • Work collaboratively with local, regional and national staff to provide a successful patient journey experience.
Other Duties (Non Measurable)
  • Highest ethical standards as outlined in AAH employee handbook
  • Support Northland Employee Corporate and/or Department Guidelines.
  • Check and verify quality.
  • Support corporate health and safety objectives.
  • React to change productively and handle other essential duties as assigned.
Job Requirements
[Knowledge, skills and abilities for performance of essential duties]
Minimum education, certification and experience requirements:
  • Audiology degree as required by state law
  • Valid Audiology and Dispensing Licensure in state of employment, license in good standing
3 years or more of dispensing and diagnostic testing preferred

  • Knowledge of software systems including: patient management software, NOAH and Inspire OS.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
Skills & Abilities
  • Ability to organize and execute a plan
  • Good problem solving, analytical abilities, communication, organizational and interpersonal skills required
  • Public speaking experience and training preferred
Exercise of authority or supervision over others:

Budgetary Responsibilities:

Confidential Information:
This position has access to a variety of confidential personnel data and customer data.

Required Communication:
This position may communicate with manufacturers, other vendors, and insurance companies

This position communicates regularly with Managing Director, Regional Manager, AAH corporate staff, retail sales and admin staff

Work Context
Working Conditions:
Normal office conditions
Some travel may be required

Equipment Operation:
Hearing Aid testing equipment
Hearing Instruments and Accessories

The above declarations are not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties and responsibilities of the job described, nor are they intended to be such a listing of the skills and abilities required to do the job. Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job.

Licences & certifications Audiology Lic

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