Tooling Inspector - Palmdale - job 636882

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Date: 02/24/2021

City: Palmdale, California

Employment type: Full-time

Job Description

PERFORMS SUCH TYPICAL DISTINGUISHING DUTIES AS: Determines methods, sequences, and inspection operations required, inspects and approves or rejects precision tools during and after manufacture for workmanship, accuracy, practicability and conformance to other specifications; inspects all types of tooling such as jigs, patterns, tool masters, fixtures, templates, master layouts, foundry dries, machine tools and dies, involving multiple coordinated location points, dimensions and/or tooling holes in several planes not at right angles or parallel to one another, irregular contours requiring spring-back and dimensional calculations, multiple acting principles and computation of compound angles; inspects metal or cloth layouts and templates involving the coordination with mating parts of adjacent contours and assemblies, making all needed measurements and compensations to check triangulations; inspects templates made to exacting tolerances from blueprints for irregular shaped and complex parts, checking or making three-dimensional projection to resolve canted views; inspects government-owned equipment for conformance to specified requirements, and inspects first-run completed parts and assemblies manufactured either on Company or government-owned equipment, checking for conformance to specifications, workmanship, accuracy and practicability by reference to tool designs, manufacturing plans, engineering drawing and other authorized information; recommends necessary rework and corrections.

Performs the duties described herein in one or more of the following tool inspection fields, and applies a basic knowledge of the others:

A. Assembly jigs, fixtures, and masters

B. Drop hammer, hydro-press, and stretch dies, including double action dies

C. Masters, gauges, and tools and dies used on such machines as standard power tools, punch presses, power brakes, etc.

D. Wood, plastic, and/or plaster patterns and master models

E. Templates and master layouts

Basic Qualifications

Experience as Tool maker or / design

Experience with CMM (control measurement machine)

Experience with reading blue prints

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