Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - West Meade Early Education Center - Annapolis - job 742724

Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Date: 05/04/2021

City: Annapolis, Maryland

Employment type: Full-time

This position is posted to create a pool of candidates. Eligible Candidates will be contacted as positions become available at this school.


Title Code

Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA)








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Position Summary

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Assists teachers in caring for the physical and instructional needs of physically, mentally, and emotionally handicapped students. Work of this class involves responsibility for assisting teachers with emphasis in caring for the physical needs of the students such as eating lunch and bathroom/toilet care, taking off and putting on outdoor attire, adjusting braces, walkers, wheelchairs often involving lifting, pushing, and aiding in bodily functions; assisting students with individual and group work supervised by the teacher; and working closely with students, teachers, and other professional personnel in carrying out the various special education programs at elementary and secondary grade levels. Additionally, some assignments involve carrying out instructional tasks as outlined by professional staff based upon individual student objectives and past analysis of the community site activity. Nature of work requires extensive walking, stooping, pushing, carrying, climbing, bending and lifting. Employee(s) must be capable of performing any and all of the listed duties individually or independently which may vary based upon their work location/assignment and available staffing.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

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  1. Assists students on/off buses often involving lifting, pushing, and aiding in bodily functions. Monitors entry and exit of students assuring that they get to the correct classroom.

  2. Helps students and/or trains them in taking off/putting on outdoor attire, shoes, personal grooming, self-help, etc. Adjusts braces, walkers, and wheelchairs often requiring pushing, lifting and/or aiding students in bodily functions.

  3. Assists students with feeding. Serves beverages/snacks. Collects trays.

  4. Participates in routine supervision of students while playing and resting. Aids and guides students as they move throughout the building. May supervise lunch duties, playground and bus duties as directed.

  5. Assists and/or trains students in bathroom/toilet care. May be required to change diapers. Cleans/showers student(s). Washes/dries, changes soiled clothing accordingly.

  6. Hears the student(s) in recitation, reading, and other curriculum tasks. Reinforces subjects initially introduced by the teacher usually working in a one-to-one situation or in small groups.

  7. Works patiently and provides motivation to students who have a short attention span and/or who require individual or close attention. Employs drill work and other reinforcement techniques.

  8. Assists in controlling the discipline of students. Reacts promptly in the event of seizures, disruptive behavior, or related situations. Aids students who are ill or physically uncomfortable.

  9. Aids students in learning basic skills related to job – training activities.

  10. Observes and gathers assessment data on student(s). Confers and discusses progress of student(s) with teachers and other professional staff.

  11. May be assigned to library/media center. Assists students in selection of books of interest or relevance to the subject currently under study. May set up and operate audio-visual equipment. Reads stories aloud to students.

  12. Performs a variety of clerical tasks such as preparation and up-keep of bulletin boards, collating correspondence and instructional materials, correcting tests/work papers, inventorying and requisitioning of materials, maintaining files of case records, keeping daily attendance, etc.

  13. Accompanies students to off-site work training activities and community-based locations as planned by job coach or teacher.

  14. Monitors safety and behavior of students on/off the bus while traveling to/from the job site.

  15. Maintains emergency information on students and follows prescribed procedures in the event of an emergency situation.

  16. Implements instructional plans and activities as designated by the job coach and/or teacher which often includes demonstrating tasks and skills initially introduced by the job coach or an employee. Provides reinforcement techniques to keep students focused on task.

  17. Maintains public relations with management, staff, employees, customers, and others involved in off-site work training activities and/or community based settings.

  18. Monitors the behavior and attitudes of students. Provides motivation to students to assist them in developing skills needed to accomplish assigned work tasks.

  19. May rotate students in their assignments to allow for participation in a variety of tasks.

  20. Makes adjustments to the students' on-site work tasks and/or community based activities in order to meet changes in the service/production needs of the employer/sponsoring organization. Keeps job coach informed of any major changes/adjustments, accordingly.

  21. Sees to the general safety of the student at all times while at off-site locations. Gives special attention to safety factors when work conditions change or vary (i.e., weather); or when new skills, utensils, tools, and/or power equipment are being used (i.e., vacuum cleaners, cleaning solvents, powered dish washers, etc.).

  22. Observes and gathers assessment data on student(s). Confers and discusses progress of student(s) with job coach, teachers and other professional staff.

  23. Plans for and anticipates personal needs of students (i.e., location of toilet facilities, drinking water fountains, appropriate break times/areas, etc.) while at off-site locations.

  24. May eat lunch with students while at the work site (or stays with students during their lunch break) in order to provide for supervision of students at all times.

  25. Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily.

The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities required. Reasonable accommodations may be made on request to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


  • High School Diploma or Equivalency Certificate, preferably supplemented by formal academic courses/training in the field of child development with specific applications to the area of special education.


  • None

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Considerable patience and the ability to work with physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or multi-handicapped students.

  • Appropriate training for all specialized handicap-related care needs. Appropriate training related to seizures, disruptive behavior, etc. as provided by Board of Education workshops/in-service training.

  • Job requires direct in-person provision of service, therefore punctual, regular and predictable attendance is essential.

  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with diverse populations.

  • Ability to employ a variety of teaching styles to respond to the needs of diverse learners.

  • Ability to employ business technology tools (e.g. email, AACPS Intranet, electronic benefits enrollment tools and other electronic tools implemented in the future).

  • Successful completion of all required tests.


  • N/A

Career Ladder Requirements

  • N/A

Physical Requirements

  • Must be physically capable of physically assisting handicapped students often involving lifting, pushing, and aiding in bodily functions, as needed.

  • Must be physically capable of extensive walking, stooping, pushing, carrying, climbing, bending, and lifting of up to 50 pounds independently.

Established: 9/5/2014

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