Teacher: General Science (Anticipated) - Petersham - job 745690

Worcester Public Schools

Date: 05/04/2021

City: Petersham, Massachusetts

Employment type: Full-time

The Worcester Public Schools is soliciting applications for Science teachers for the 2021-2022 school year. All principals who have vacancies will be able to review the applications in this pool. To maximize the effectiveness of your application, it is recommended that you provide a cover letter which describes the specific training and experience that you have for the position(s) that you are applying for and that you ensure that the certification information in your SchoolSpring profile is updated. Your MA DESE certification number will allow us to verify that you possess the correct license..

Please ensure that your SchoolSpring resume, specifically, is updated as this will be used to determine your Degree and Step placement on the Teachers salary schedule.As a teacher in the Worcester Public Schools you will be expected to provide rigorous instruction to the diverse population of students in your classroom. You will be expected to align your teaching to the district and state curriculum; to regularly assess students for learning comprehension and to modify your teaching to ensure that students are learning; to provide a classroom that is conducive to the learning needs of all students, especially students who are learning English and students with disabilities. The Worcester Public Schools is wonderfully diverse and our successful teachers capitalize on this diversity to provide rich learning environments. Being an educator in the Worcester Public Schools will require that you have patience, perseverance, creativity, excellent content knowledge, and a true desire to prepare all students for successful lives.

For applicants who are committed to the work of preparing Worcester students to excel in college and beyond, we offer a competitive salary package and participation in federal loan forgiveness programs (more information about these programs is available on our website in the Human Resources section).ACCOUNTABILITY OBJECTIVE: This position is accountable for assuming the responsibility for delivering high quality instructional experience through creativity, resourcefulness and sound judgment consistent with the curriculum frameworks, standards and the rules and regulations of the Worcester Public Schools.PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 1.Responsible for remaining up to date regarding curriculum content.2.Responsible for effective planning and assessment of curriculum and instruction.3.Responsible for mentoring students understanding of the curriculum effectively and adjusting instruction, materials, or assessments, when appropriate.4.Responsible for effective management of classroom environment.5.Responsible for effective instruction, which includes making learning goals clear to the students, using appropriate instructional and questioning techniques.6.Responsible for using innovative approaches, and instructional strategies, including the effective use of technologies, to increase student learning and confidence to learn.7.Responsible for the promotion of high standards and expectations for student achievement.8.Responsible for the promotion of equity and appreciation of diversity to ensure equitable opportunities for student learning, including, for implementing specific strategies for students with special needs, with 504 plans and\or second language learners.9.Responsible for assuring equal educational opportunity to all individuals regardless of race, color, gender, age, marital status, religion, gender identity, national origin, sexual orientation, homelessness, or disability.10.Performance of other job-related duties as assigned.REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: 1.Massachusetts DESE License in General Science 1-6 or 5-82.SEI Endorsement 3. BA degreePREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: 1. Teaching experience in the content area.2. Demonstrated experience supporting students with special needs3.

Ability to speak Spanish, Nepali, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Albanian, or an African language.4. Experience teaching students who are English language learners5. Demonstrated experience with second language acquisition.6. Candidates who are licensed in another state will be considered if they qualify for the temporary license from DESE (must possess the equivalent license from another state and must have documented proof of working under that license for at least three complete school years).

Candidates will need to apply for and pay for the DESE license as a condition of employment.WORK YEAR: 183 daysSALARY: Appropriate step on teachers salary schedule This deadline does not preclude further advertisement or recruitment.Please Note: Your account will read review once we open your application, this does not necessarily mean we are interviewing at this time. Please ensure all of your contact information on school spring is accurate, including your phone number, as we will reach out as needed throughout hiring process.

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