SPED Resource Teacher (4-8) - Centerra Mirage SY 2021-2022 - Avondale - job 957902

Avondale School District

Date: 07/22/2021

City: Avondale, Arizona

Employment type: Full-time

To provide quality classroom instruction guided by the Arizona State Standards and Governing Board policies and regulations. Improve instructional practice through ongoing collaboration with master and mentor teachers.

II. Qualifications:

  • Valid Arizona teaching certificate
    • Must meet all Arizona Department of Education certification requirements, AZ SPED Cross Catagorical Certificate required.

    • Must meet all NCLB (Highly Qualified) qualifications

    • Bachelor’s Degree (minimum requirement)

    • SEI Endorsement Required

III. Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in the Teacher Advancement Program (TAP) teacher instructionally focused accountability system.

  • Attend ongoing applied professional growth groups (clusters).

  • Participate in the TAP team-teaching/coaching model in collaboration with mentor and master teachers to enhance teacher expertise.

  • Collaborate on lesson planning and develops expertise in all areas of instruction by working with the mentor and master teachers.

  • Develop expertise through creating and maintaining an Individual Growth Plan (IGP).

  • Use formal and informal assessment to monitor student progress toward the school achievement goals, including cluster focus.

  • Use all resources available to support instructional programs.

  • Align lessons to district curriculum and state standards.

  • Demonstrate accurate content knowledge of all subjects taught to include integration and connection to other content areas.

  • Assist in the design and implementation of individualized education programs through diagnostic teaching, instructional adaptations, and individual behavior management techniques.

  • Conduct instruction with clearly stated objectives giving a variety of information to aid students in the achievement of the objective.

  • Use effective modeling, guided practices, closure, and independent practice as appropriate to the lesson.

  • Use questioning and discussion strategies and higher level thinking skills.

  • Adjust the lesson as appropriate to meet the diverse needs of all students.

  • Integrate the use of educational technology in the classroom.

  • Demonstrate appropriate teacher-student interactions with general warmth, caring, respect within the developmental and cultural norms.

  • Maintain polite, respectful and positive student interactions.

  • Set high academic and behavioral expectations for every student.

  • Convey high expectations for instructional goals, activities, interactions, and classroom environment for student achievement.

  • Maintain organized and well-managed instructional groups, transitions, as well as supervision of volunteers and paraprofessionals, when appropriate.

  • Maintain a safe, organized, and high quality environment that facilitates learning and minimizing student disruptions.

  • Maintain accurate records that meet district, state, and federal timelines.

  • Maintain and document effective lines of communication with students and their peers.

  • Communicate and cooperate with other staff members, support personnel and administration.

  • Participate in professional growth activities and seeks to improve teaching skills.

  • Establish efficient systems for performing non-instructional duties resulting in minimal loss of instructional time.

  • Demonstrate punctuality and dependability in the performance of school duties.

  • Follow district policies, procedures, and directives in a timely and appropriate manner.

  • Perform such other tasks as may be assigned.

Reports to:
Building Administrator

Certified Salary Schedule and District Benefits Package

Application Requirements:

All applicants must complete an online application, which requires 3 professional letters of recommendation, 3 professional references, a valid AZ Teaching Certificate, a valid Fingerprint Clearance card, Transcripts, Cover Letter, and Resume.

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