Police Dispatcher - Madison - job 854338

City of Madison, AL

Date: 06/11/2021

City: Madison, Alabama

Employment type: Full-time

General Position Summary

This position is specialized work in receiving, processing and dispatching calls for service for police, fire and medical emergencies, and non-emergencies from the Huntsville Madison County 911 Center. Police Dispatcher must be willing to work irregular hours, extended hours, weekends and holidays, at time with little or no notice. The Police Dispatcher reports directly to the Police Communications Supervisor and/or Manager. This work involves the responsibility for operating a multi-channel two-way radio system; computer systems, receiving phone calls, and performing related clerical tasks. This position requires fast, efficient and accurate receiving of information, dispatching and processing of calls and messages to and from Police and Fire personnel, and other City personnel, as required. Calls and messages include routine reports, requests for information and those requiring emergency actions by Police and Fire Personnel. All work performed is accordance with established rules and regulations.

Examples of Responsibilities

  • The Dispatcher is responsible for answering calls for service from citizens and dispatching Police Officers to emergency and non-emergency calls for service.

  • Processes and monitors Officer initiated activity.

  • Dispatches Fire Department apparatus and personnel; relays information to other Police and Fire agencies.

  • Monitors various radio frequencies.

  • Maintains records/logs as required.

  • Deals tactfully and courteously with the public and other City employees.

  • Evaluates information to determine jurisdiction, equipment and personnel to be dispatched.

  • Operates a variety of equipment including radio transmitters and receivers, radio consoles, virtual telephone, TTY (teletype for deaf), and other required equipment.

  • Operates data communications terminals and mobile data terminals to obtain information in response to requests from law enforcement personnel.

  • Performs miscellaneous clerical work.

  • Reports the need for radio and other equipment repairs.

  • Studies and maintains familiarity with major roads, streets, industrial plans, and buildings.

  • Performs other related duties of the position.

  • Activates tornado sirens.

  • Performs with a high level of accuracy.

  • Enters warrants into NCIC (National Criminal Intelligence Center); validates warrants, stolen articles, vehicles, weapons and missing persons that have been entered into NCIC for the State of Alabama.

Job Conditions:

  • Work in a communication center operated by several agencies.

  • Possess and maintain the highest level of individual trust and confidentially; due to accessibility to state and federal confidential information through NCIC, Investigations and etc.

  • Ability to work various shifts and assignments, including holidays, weekends and odd or irregular hours.

  • Strong background record required, due to accessibility to city property and interaction with public and children.

  • The work is performed in a stationary setting and the incumbent works with and is surrounded by a computerized control panel which requires detailed handling. The majority of time is spent in a seated position, however, dispatchers have the freedom to stand and also move in a limited area (limited to headset cord length). Headsets are worn at all times when on duty on the operation floor. Incumbents are expected to manage over-the-phone interactions and confrontations with angry, hostile, depressed and/or otherwise emotionally distraught members of the public. As a result, the work requires quick, independent action and alertness in emergency and possibly life threatening situations.

  • Ability to obtain and maintain state certification on NCIC (National Crime Information Center).

Minimal Qualifications

  • Minimum age is 19 years of age with demonstrated dependability.

  • High School graduate or GED required.

  • Must successfully complete and retain certification for Emergency Fire Dispatch through the National Academy of Dispatch Protocols.

  • Possess the required educational level or its equivalent in order to perform and comprehend the required knowledge, skills and abilities.

Supplemental Information

  • Considerable knowledge of radio transmission procedures preferred, but not necessary.

  • Ability to acquire knowledge of Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations governing operation and codes pertaining to radio telephone operations.

  • Ability to perform multi-tasks.

  • Ability to act quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation.

  • Ability to keep records and handle miscellaneous routine clerical work.

  • Knowledge of techniques, procedures and methods used in the operation of a public safety communications center; computer aided dispatch (CAD) and enhanced 9-1-1 equipment; general knowledge of cities and locations of highways, main streets and major buildings and geography of city.

  • Ability to understand and follow oral and written directions.

  • Ability to pass a typing test with a minimum score of 35 words per minute.

  • Ability to pass a public safety telecommunicator test with a score of 80 or above.

Physical Capabilities:

  • See well enough to read.

  • Hear well enough to communicate by radio, telephone or any other transmitting device, including messages from difficult-to-understand callers.

  • Speak well enough to communicate your meaning.

  • Dexterity of limbs hands and fingers to write legibly.

  • Ability to travel occasionally to include overnight travel for schools/training or other department related functions.

  • Must be able to multi-task and perform with a high level of accuracy and efficiency.

  • Must be able to sit for extended periods of time particularly during high stress situations.

  • Must be able to handle and function within high stress situations and remain alert while performing dispatch duties.

  • Must be able to adjust to occasional sleep pattern disruptions as a result of irregular shift work.

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