Paid Search Support Specialist - St. Louis Park - job 745848


Date: 05/04/2021

City: St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Employment type: Full-time

Posted Date: May 3, 2021

Full Time

An ideal candidate for this role is beginning their career in Paid Digital Marketing and has works with paid ads in the past. This person enjoys learning and is very detail oriented. There is no data set too big or setting change to small. Nothing slips past you.

The Ecreative Paid Search Support Specialist is responsible for the daily monitoring, management, and optimization of Google Ads accounts for their clients. This person should be able to effectively execute the overall strategy of campaigns efficiently and effectively. This person will work with other in-house team members to present insights and opportunities.

The Paid Search Support Specialist is also responsible for tracking monthly progress, preparing monthly reports, and presenting those reports to the client.

It is anticipated that the core role will remain consistent; however, additional responsibilities and/or activities may be added as the role progresses and is refined. A Paid Search Support Specialist can move into a Specialist role at their own pace.

Core Responsibilities

  • Internal relationship management including general education of coworkers regarding Paid Search Strategy, Tactics, Opportunities, and Recommendations

  • Management and tracking of internal and external correspondence

  • Tracking budget pacing and expenses

  • Implementing a coherent keyword strategy

  • Research, expansion, negatives, and optimization

  • Optimizing Campaigns through effective use of Ad Types, Bid Strategies, Extensions, and Targeting

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Advising your team members with insights learned from Paid Search strategies

  • Advising your team members with landing page optimization ideas

  • Sharing and Contributing to internal teams’ best practices, changing trends, and interesting experiences relevant to our clients.

  • Assisting in development of internal documentation and procedures

Required Skills Include

  • Google Ads Certified

  • 3 months - 2 Years of experience managing Paid Search campaigns

  • Google Analytics Certified

  • Familiarity with A/B and Multi-variate testing

  • Up-to-date with latest trends and best practices regarding bid management, keyword strategies, etc.

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