Pagosa Springs Pirate Pride Worksite Wellness Fitness Instructors - Cahone - job 676141

Teach in Southwest Colorado

Date: 04/08/2021

City: Cahone, Colorado

Salary: $25 per hour

Employment type: Part-time

Archuleta School District 50 Joint


Pirate Pride Worksite Wellness Spin and Fitness Instructor


  • Knowledge of physical fitness, nutrition and overall healthy lifestyle choices.

  • Strong communication skills, ability to handle confidential matters, and excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Ability to utilize technologies as appropriate during fitness courses and for communication.


The work requires period of medium to vigorous physical activity. The position requires

periods of time engaged in indoor and outdoor physical activity that is non-competitive.

The work requires the ability to speak normally and use normal aided vision and hearing.


Health and Wellness Coordinator

Health and Wellness Programs Manager

Worksite Wellness/HAC Coordinator


  • Teach a fitness classes per week for 1 hour as agreed upon with program manager

  • Classes will begin after hire,

  • Utilize the MS weight room for fitness classes and other locations as appropriate and as convenient for district employees.

  • Consistently communicate class times, locations and changes as they arise.

  • Collect and maintain up to date data about class attendance, hourly work, equipment inventory and conditions in worksite wellness files.

  • Advertise classes using a variety of advertising methods best suited to the district employee audience.

  • Meet once per quarter with wellness personnel to discuss progress, goals and challenges of programming.

  • Proven experience in the specific areas of spin fitness and cardio and/or weight fitness

  • If your class date falls on a day you are unavailable, or a day the district does not have a contract day, you will reschedule the class for a different day that week or the following week.


Salary: $25 per hour

Work Schedule: 28 weeks, not to exceed 90 hours

Hours: Teach one fitness class for one hour per week as

specified at times specified by highly qualified candidate, hiring committee, district

wellness leadership team and as approved by the district administration.

Benefits: None

FLSA Status: Classified/Non-Exempt


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s

policy on Evaluation of Classified Employees.

I understand the description of this job and the essential functions, as given above. I also understand that all of the duties are not described above and that I will perform those above and other related duties as directed by my supervisor and management.

Signature: ____________________________________________________

Date: ________________________

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