Packaging Technician - Cardiff-by-the-Sea - job 853676

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Date: 06/11/2021

City: Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California

Employment type: Full-time

By operating a variety of equipment, the Packaging Technician is responsible for the preparation and packaging of final goods for delivery to the customer.

Essential Functions & Duties

The Packaging Technician is responsible for one or more of the following tasks:


  • Responsible for dividing master yeast vessels into small strips of yeast (either 1.5L or 2L in size).

  • Reviews daily work report to ensure understanding of which vessels need to be processed.

  • Utilizes divider table to homogenize yeast in master vessel to ensure product consistency.

  • Ensures 1.5L and 2L strips contain the correct volume of yeast prior to sealing.

  • Verifies integrity of vessels through visual inspection, notifying management of any concerns.

  • Calibrates, cleans and makes minor repairs/adjustments to the Divider as needed.

  • Scans finished yeast strips into inventory once complete.

Pure Pitch Pro

  • Visually inspects all yeast strips prior to processing to ensure product integrity.

  • Utilizes F3P sealer to create 1.5L and Nano sized PurePitch.

  • Skins to final product and ensures proper labeling.

  • Performs routine preventative maintenance, including bands and Teflon tape to ensure equipment functions properly.

  • Utilizes Netsuite ERP software to complete traveler to ensure movement through the production process.

Pure Pitch Home Brew (Waffler and Quick Pouch)

  • Visually inspects and weighs homebrew yeast strips to ensure compliance with company standards.

  • Operates the waffler machine to separate yeast strips into individual 40ml homebrew packets.

  • Selects appropriate strain on the Quick Pouch printer to ensure proper labeling of product.

  • Inserts 40ml homebrew packets into Quick Pouch for final skinning and labeling.

  • Performs routine preventative maintenance on Quick Pouch and/or Waffler to ensure proper equipment function.


  • Transfers bulk nutrient and enzymes into retail packaging and ensure proper volume levels.

  • Dilutes enzymes to proper levels prior to final packaging.

  • Labels and seals final retail packaging in accordance with company policy.

Traditional Homebrew (vials)

  • Pours yeast into vials according to standard operating procedure.

  • Utilizes pneumatic capper to tighten all vials caps according to required specification.

  • Organizes vial supply in cold box according to strain and utilizing FIFO inventory method.

Traditional Pro

  • Packages/pours commercial brewery orders into carboys that are too large to be in PurePitch.

  • Pours yeast blends in accordance with company policy and customer preference.

  • Ensures cell count information along with all proper labeling is included and attached to order.

  • Prints and attaches all certificate of quality sheets and includes with orders.

Wild Yeast/Bacteria

  • Packages/pours commercial brewery orders.

  • Seals and labels orders in accordance with company policy.

  • Attaches all proper documentation to orders including certificate of quality sheets and cell counts.

  • Pours blends of multiple strains to meet customer requests.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Performs daily cleaning of work area and equipment, including operation of floor cleaner.

  • Follows all safety protocols and brings any concerns to the attention of management.

Necessary Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.

  • 1+ year experience in a manufacturing/warehouse/shipping environment a plus.

  • Ability to read and follow SOPs and order invoices.

  • Ability to perform minor repairs and preventative maintenance a plus.

  • Works well independently and cooperatively with others.

  • Flexible schedule to accommodate Packaging department needs.

Physical Demands

Time spent conducting sedentary work is less than 10%. Requires walking, standing, and/or driving for more than 90% of the workday. Position requires good hand dexterity and vision. Lifting objects in excess of 50 pounds with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing 25 pounds or more.

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