Laboratory Technician - Cardiff-by-the-Sea - job 853619

City of San Diego

Date: 06/11/2021

City: Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California

Salary: $50,086 - 60,507 per year

Employment type: Full-time


Laboratory Technician positions provide a variety of laboratory support such as the washing and preparation of sample containers, analytical glassware, and other lab equipment; prepare microbiological media and chemical reagents; collect and transport biological or microbiological specimens and field samples; collect and transport water, sewage, industrial, ocean, bay, estuary, river, watershed, and other environmental samples for chemical and microbiological analyses; assist with basic or routine chemical, biological, or bacteriological analyses; record the results of basic chemical, biological, or bacteriological tests; perform chemical tests to determine solids, dissolved oxygen, biological oxygen demand, chemical oxygen demand, and other similar tests in the field or laboratory; enter test results in LIMS; properly dispose of and/or coordinate the disposal of contaminated materials, hazardous chemical waste, and bio-hazardous waste; perform and record routine QA/QC testing and maintain laboratory log books and other records; maintain aquatic and other test organisms; wash, weigh, and maintain preserved specimens; maintain specimen and procedure logs and inventories; staff the Trucked Waste Monitoring Lab overseeing waste hauler discharge documents and screening/sampling tanker contents to enforce permit compliance; and perform other duties as assigned.

Laboratory Technician positions in the Police Department wash dishes, weigh chemicals for solution preparation, maintain complex instrumentation; maintain maintenance logs and inventories; prepare kits and supplies such as rape and gunshot residue kits; prepare chemical reagents used to test for alcohol standards and blood and semen screening and crime scene reconstruction; conduct computerized firearms ammunition components comparison; test fire a variety of weapons; perform calibrations on scientific instruments; restore obliterated serial numbers on impounded weapons using chemical agents and other equipment; prepare routine and/or detailed reports on the results of analyses; testify in court as required; and perform other duties as assigned.


  • Candidates selected for positions in the San Diego Police Department will undergo a comprehensive character and background investigation, including a polygraph examination and fingerprint check prior to hire.

  • Laboratory Technician employees may be required to work alone in the field, drive off-road, open manhole lids and place suspended sampling equipment into and out of sewer manholes, perform lake and ocean sampling from a boat, and perform other activities requiring significant physical dexterity.

  • Laboratory Technician employees may be required to work with environmental and industrial samples, such as wastewater and sludge, as well as various hazardous chemicals.

  • Laboratory Technician employees may be required to work nights, weekends, holidays, and overtime.

  • Laboratory Technician employees may be required to work at any number of facilities located throughout the San Diego region.


You must meet the following requirements on the date you apply, unless otherwise indicated.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: You must meet ONE of the following options:

1. Two years of full-time experience in a laboratory performing a variety of chemical and biological tests (e.g., pH, turbidity, metal analysis, alkalinity, and solids using spectrophotometric, titrimetric, gravimetric, or similar measurement techniques), conducting aquatic bioassays, performing microbiological preparatory work or analyses, and/or identifying aquatic invertebrates.

2. Successful completion of 14 semester/21 quarter college-level units in one or a combination of the following:

  • Chemistry, which must include course work in organic and/or inorganic Chemistry, including at least one laboratory course.

  • Biology and/or Microbiology, including at least one laboratory course.

  • Entomology and/or Invertebrate Zoology.

3. Two years of full-time experience collecting samples from marine or fresh water environments, drinking water or wastewater facilities, drinking water distribution systems, industrial facilities, storm water drains, or other sites to fulfill environmental regulatory requirements AND at least one college-level course in Biology or Chemistry which must have included laboratory work. Qualifying experience MUST include field testing such as pH, conductivity, temperature, proper sample preservation, and use of chain-of-custody forms.


  • City of San Diego employees using Out-of-Class Assignment (OCA) experience to qualify must submit written documentation signed by their appointing authority or payroll specialist, detailing the work performed, dates, and total number of qualifying OCA hours. OCA experience without the required documentation will NOT be considered.

LICENSE: A valid California Class C Driver License is required at the time of hire.


  • Highly desirable attributes for Laboratory Technician positions vary by department and are not all inclusive.

  • Experience in a laboratory performing water and/or wastewater treatment process control tests.

  • Experience with drinking water, industrial wastewater, groundwater, ocean, watershed, urban runoff/storm water, or reservoir sampling for chemical and/or biological analyses.

  • Successful completion of additional college-level course work in any of the following: Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Entomology, Invertebrate Zoology, Physical Science and/or Life Science, including laboratory courses.

  • Bachelor's Degree in a physical or life science field.


  • Transcripts showing completion of the required course work, if utilized to meet the minimum requirements.

  • For City of San Diego employees, proof of Out-of-Class Assignment (OCA), if utilized to meet the minimum requirements.

Required documents should be attached electronically to your application. If you are unable to attach at the time of application submittal, you must submit them as soon as possible via fax: (619) 533-3337; or to the Employment Information Center: City of San Diego Personnel Department, 1200 Third Avenue - Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92101. Include your name and the title of the position for which you are applying.


Please ensure all information is complete and accurate as the responses you provide on the supplemental questions will be reviewed using an automated evaluation system. If you are successful in this initial screening process, your application will be reviewed for applicable education, experience, and/or training to ensure all minimum requirements have been met. Successful candidates will be placed on a list which will be used to fill position vacancies during the next one year. For each vacancy, only those candidates with the most appropriate qualifications will be contacted by the hiring department for an interview.


PRE-EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS: Employment offers are conditional pending the results of all screening processes that are applicable to this job, which may include but are not limited to the following: Confirmation of citizenship/legal right to work in the United States; completion of a pre-employment medical review/exam (which may include drug/alcohol testing); reference checks; and a fingerprint check. The fingerprints will be submitted to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the California Department of Justice for a conviction record report. Certain positions may require additional screening processes which may include a polygraph examination and/or background investigation. All of these processes must be successfully completed before employment begins. A positive test for alcohol, illegal drugs, including marijuana, or inadequately explained prescription drugs, misrepresentation, falsification, or omission of pertinent facts in any step of the screening/selection process may be cause for disqualification and/or termination of employment. Nothing in this job posting constitutes an expressed or implied contract for employment with the City of San Diego. Applicants must notify the Personnel Department of any changes in their name, address (home, email), or phone number or they may miss employment opportunities.

Rev. 6 – June 11, 2021 (New Recruitment Date)

City employees may be eligible to participate in a benefit program including holidays, vacations, savings and retirement plans, health programs, and other benefits.

City employees initially hired on or after the effective date of Proposition B, a voter-approved San Diego Charter amendment to modify City employee retirement benefits, will not be eligible to participate in the City’s Defined Benefit Plan administered by the San Diego City Employees’ Retirement System.

Benefits may change due to employer-employee contract negotiations.

Flexible Benefits Plan Options for Employees Represented by Municipal Employees Associate (MEA)

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