Director of Community Supports - Fayetteville - job 746940

Independent Case Management

Date: 05/05/2021

City: Fayetteville, Arkansas

Employment type: Full-time

Primary Duties

  • Understanding of the functional knowledge that is involved in the waiver management business, being a good role model for employees, and show proficiency in the work being supervised.

  • Attend meetings and evaluations with clients and staff within the community being served by visiting the homes of client's or staff's or by meeting in a public place. When shorthanded or a vacancy exists the Manager will cover the catchments area, requesting additional assistance as needed.

  • Identify areas in the waiver program that need modifications, being aware of the day-to-day operations and requirements as well as the larger organizational issues involved.

  • Create a regional "team" approach to give honest and motivational feedback to employees, and establish a process for problem-solving, turning obstacles into opportunities.

  • Maintain accountability for program standards in the catchments area, assuming responsibility for the team and required standards. Identify key responsibilities and skills for employees, assess and strengthen the program and employees, achieve outcomes, and design intervention strategies when needed. Understand and comply with HIPAA restrictions. Assure that work is accurate and that it conforms to program standards, maintain priorities while meeting deadlines and maintaining a smooth work flow.

  • Identify, analyze and evaluate personnel, operational, organizational and budgetary problems. Included are such activities as identifying underlying causes of problems, linking common elements and interrelationship between problems, relating problems to broader issues, and suggesting possible organizational implications.

  • Provide support for new employees, adding the elements of training with assuring the quality of supports remain at acceptable levels. Serve as the second agency contact and assist current employees with areas needing assistance, from the employee or supervisor perspective. Track information and paper flow, assure responses are provided and billing continuity. Review monthly and quarterly reports to assure licensure compliance and problem solving.

  • Update employees on policy changes and attend DDS plan review at least quarterly. Be proactive in staff monitoring and customer issues, maintain contact with all customers/family/guardian in the catchment area at least quarterly, serving as the problem solver and representative for ICM in the field.

  • Develops and maintains positive, cooperative relationships with the community, such as but not limited to, schools, civic groups and social agencies.

  • Lends support to Marketing/Publicity for all programs and services within the region.

  • Assists with the preparation of grant reports and proposals, highlighting the metrics and successes for supporters and other funding sources.

  • Maintains relationships with program partners.


  • Education: Bachelor's/Medical degree and 3 years' experience or 5+ years gradually increasing experience in disability, personnel, financial, training.

  • Essential Technical/Motor Skills: High level ability to communicate verbally and in writing. Knowledge of computer, proven possession of analytical, organizational, administrative, decision making, and leadership skills. (ICM will count 2 years college as one year experience.)

  • Interpersonal Skills: Ability to work with all levels of personnel and customers. Will represent the agency with outside sources and providers of support. Will represent the agency at training, conferences, and conventions. Will contact vendors and negotiate contracts.

  • Essential Physical Requirements: Critical Cognitive Abilities: Requires full range of body motion including handling and lifting, manual and finger dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and the ability to perform job related duties which may require lifting, standing, bending, stooping, stretching, walking, pushing, and pulling with or without reasonable accommodation. Able to lift and carry equipment and supplies up to 50 pounds.

  • Essential Sensory Requirements: Ability to respond to staff, customer, and client needs in a timely manner by interpreting verbal and nonverbal expressions.

  • Other: Understands the mission and vision of Independent Case Management. Operates within the concept of client focused care. Must be an effective team leader. Must adhere to dress code, good grooming, personal hygiene habits, and attendance policies. Maintains knowledge and conforms to ICM policies and procedures.

Key Relationships

  • Maintains positive relationships with internal and external customers. Is effective in interacting with others, motivation, and problem-solving.

  • Proactive in meeting the needs of customers, clients, and staff. Responds promptly to needs or requests.

  • Keeps department manager informed of problems and recommends solutions.

  • Participates in education/development of staff and customers.

  • Helps maintain positive public image and relationships.


  • Develops specific work plans and due dates

  • Follows through on planned assignments within assigned timeframes.

  • Effectively prioritizes assignments

  • Willingness to take on other job duties as assigned.

  • Adjusts to change, work pressures or different situations without undue stress.

  • Demonstrates skill in developing improvements in current processes.

  • Effective in cost control and resource utilization.


  • Adheres to dress code, personal hygiene, conduct, and attendance policies.

  • Accepts both positive feedback and feedback for improvement.

  • Demonstrates a supportive/positive attitude towards the company and fellow employees/staff and is a positive team member.

  • Expresses self in an organized, comprehensive, articulate and concise manner.

Work Schedule

Work hours are expected to be flexible and governed by emergency situations and other duties. The employee must be available overnight and weekend on-call. Will travel in position, in state and out-of-state. Must serve as back up for crisis, will be involved with behavioral incidents, some unusual conditions exist. Back up must be arranged prior to being unavailable.

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