Director/Superintendent/Principal - North Scituate - job 745594

William M. Davies, Jr. Career & Tech High School

Date: 05/04/2021

City: North Scituate, Rhode Island

Employment type: Full-time

The Director of the William M. Davies, Jr. Career & Technical High School (Davies) provides leadership and management of all aspects of the school. Davies mission is to prepare all students for a seamless transition into higher education AND into the workforce.

As such there is an equal focus on comprehensive high school academics, as well as career and technical education in one of nine areas. The successful candidate will have a proven track record as a change agent in achieving excellence in academics as measured by student outcomes, refreshing state of the art technical programs to ensure relevance for the regions job market, while building a positive and collaborative school/community culture. The Davies Director reports to the Davies Board of Trustees.Qualifications-The ability to qualify for and obtain a valid Rhode Island Certificate: Building Level Administrator, Grades K-12- Minimum 3 years experience in educational and organizational leadership in the areas of curriculum, development and evaluation.- Masters degree with coursework in administration- Demonstrated experience in developing and operationalizing strategic plans- Proven track record at the secondary level in an administrative leadership role in a career and technical setting- Demonstrated leadership in addressing equity gaps in a secondary education school- Such alternatives to the above qualifications as may be appropriate and acceptableEssential Duties and Responsibilities (other duties may be assigned)- Provide leadership and overall administration of the William M. Davies, Jr.

Career and Technical High School.- Develop, implement, and monitor school-wide policies that guide instructional and operational components of the school while setting standards for student and teacher conduct.- Responsible for oversight of operations and budget functions of a large-single school district including payroll, personnel, and budget development for optimal operation of the school while advocating with key stake holders for funding needed to achieve the school's operating and strategic improvement plans- Market and promote the schools role in the State of R.I.- Act as an appointing authority for all faculty and staff selection.- Develop and support a program of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.- Provide leadership in the planning and implementation of integrated academic and technical education.- Develop and monitor a system to measure student achievement and the impact of improvement activities.- Direct physical plant maintenance and capital planning.- Manage and improve recruitment and public relations for the career and technical school.- Assumes the responsibilities of working collaboratively and successfully with a Board of Trustees or other governance body ( i.e. school committee)- Build collaborative and maintain cooperative relation with parents, community groups, business/industry, and government leaders with the aim to fulfill Davies mission and strategic goals.- Maintain memberships in various civic and professional organizations and learn new educational methods and trends through advanced study, attending conferences and seminars, professional literature and other appropriate methods- All other duties to be assigned by the Board of Trustees as appropriate

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