COVID-19 Vaccine Assistant - Francestown - job 676467

Amoskeag Health

Date: 04/08/2021

City: Francestown, New Hampshire

Employment type: Full-time

Nurse, certified medical assistant, or EMT qualified to give vaccinations who will be responsible for vaccinating Amoskeag Health patients with the COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccine assistant practices under the medical direction and vaccine standing orders of the Chief Medical Officer. Responsible for providing patient care services using safety focused guidance from the CDC and NH Division of Public Health Services' Bureau of Infectious Disease Control.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide direct vaccine related patient care services using training and guidance provided for all persons involved in handling, preparing or administering COVID-19 vaccine including assisting other clinic staff, cover meal breaks and situational monitoring consistent with safety and risk mitigation practices.

  • Screen patients for fever and other symptoms of COVID-19 prior to entry and refer patients that screen positive for follow-up testing according to established workflows.

  • Follows all safety risk mitigation practices to help prevent and control COVID-19 transmission.

  • Responsible to assist with orienting and training new staff tasked with responsibilities that include patient COVID-19 vaccine administration with requite post-injection observation, vaccine ordering, vaccine chain of custody, vaccine storage and handling, vaccine chain of cold custody, inventory management (access and managing product expiration dates, managing temperature excursions, daily reporting of vaccine inventory, wastage/spoilage.

  • Responsible for following all clinic policies, procedures and workflows developed to support compliance with the CDC Vaccination Program requirements and CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the vaccine-specific manufacturers’ requirements for usage, storage and handling.

  • Responsible for immediately reporting to the supervisor any/ all post-injection symptoms that arise during post-vaccination observation period which may include activating the Emergency Response System (911) when responding to VR adverse events or other potential serious patient adverse vaccine reactions such as Anaphylaxis.

  • Responsible to assist the Program Manager in the identification of clinic OFI’s (Opportunities for Improvement) and actively collaborate on solutions and assist with facilitating any tasks or activities necessary to ensure the safe, quality provision of patient care.

  • Immediately reports to supervisor any patient adverse events and assist with the federal reporting of any adverse events following vaccination to the VAERS system. (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System).

  • Responsible to document key information from each patient vaccine administration encounter including entering encounter information within 24 hours of patient administration in the EMR and reporting of Vaccine Administration Data as directed by NH DHHS.

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