COUNTER - Lake Oswego - job 677216


Date: 04/08/2021

City: Lake Oswego, Oregon

Employment type: Full-time


The Expeditor coordinates guest orders with the culinary staff in the kitchen, checks ticket times, garnishes and inspects prepared product, and notifies guest when food is ready. He/She is a liaison between the kitchen and the guest, and must be comfortable dealing with both groups under stressful conditions. The Expeditor coordinates and consolidates all outgoing food items from the kitchen assuring high standards of plate presentation and food quality and returns items as needed to ensure guest satisfaction. The expeditor's most important job is to make sure each guest gets exactly what they ordered. The Expeditor’s duties are as follows:

  • Read tickets and assure ticket cook times meet or exceed our standards

  • Communicate between the guest and kitchen staff

  • Complete all plate presentations per the recipe/plate presentation specifications

  • Pass a final quality check on the food for plate presentation, temperature, garnish and time

  • Communicate with guests when food is ready

  • Set-up expeditor station, keeping it clean, organized and stocked throughout the shift


The Salad Maker is comfortable working in high volume restaurant setting and possesses the ability to work on several different orders simultaneously. He/She prepares salads. The Salad Maker cleans all ingredients and mixes the ingredients for salads. The Salad Make may prepare sandwiches. The following is a representative list of Salad Maker duties:

  • Produce Salads of all types

  • Ensure excellent food quality and presentation

  • Help prep the line

  • Support line cook during peak activity

  • Control food waste

  • Assist in food inventory

  • Monitor need for equipment maintenance and repair

  • Follow policies, rules and regulations

  • Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings

  • Incorporate safety training and awareness into daily activities

  • Maintain food safety standards at all times

  • Perform other duties as required


There will be times you will be called on to do task in the dessert/bakery area. You must be flexible and willing to do different tasks as the needs arise.

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