Assistant Manager in Training - Wilmington - job 957874

truenorth | truenorth Energy, LLC

Date: 07/22/2021

City: Wilmington, Ohio

Employment type: Full-time

The certified Assistant Manager is responsible for assisting the Store Manager with all aspects of maintaining the retail convenience and gasoline facility. When the Store Manager is away, the Assistant Manager assumes their responsibilities. The duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to: ensuring maximum sales and profitability through utilization of pricing strategy, assisting on merchandising, inventory, and expense control, managing operating cost, shrinkage and assist with training and developing CSRs. Assistant Managers are normally scheduled to work forty (40) hours per week, opposite of the Store Manager. The desired candidate must have a High School diploma or equivalent, valid drivers license, previous management experience is desired, must be motivated, dependable, have the ability to work weekends, holidays and varying shifts in a fast pace environment, while maintaining total customer focus.

Brand: truenorth

Address: 5737 US 68 Wilmington, OH - 45177

Property Description: 724-US 68 Shell

Property Number: 724

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