Alternative Education Teacher/RTI interventionist - Pownal - job 853781

RSU 16

Date: 06/11/2021

City: Pownal, Maine

Employment type: Full-time

Alternative Education Teacher/RTI interventionistPRHS is a highly professional and collaborative staff seeking a teacher who can: * teach a range of students in our alternative program who need additional support to achieve proficiency in a rigorous curriculum.* work collaboratively with Alternative Education director and other staff members to best support students* collaborate with our RTI coordinator to develop and implement the RTI system throughout the school.* design and implement a range of interventions for students across the curriculum who need support with literacy, executive functioning and other content areas.* work effectively and collaboratively with classroom teachers to implement interventions within the classroom.* collect, analyze, and maintain a range of meaningful data to identify areas of student need, inform instructional practices, and monitor student progress.* serve as an advisor in our high quality advisory program known as Roundtable.

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